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from 2008 we supplying wood products to You

We are business to business type company, based in Lithuania, which main activity is to supply other businesses with high quality wood packing products.

Our main products are pallets and pallet collars for goods packing, which we supply to productions sites directly or to our partners who redistribute to production sites by smaller amounts.

We represent also some production companies in Lithuania and Latvia, which allows us to propose bigger quantities and range of products.

Trough the years we have received many compliments from our clients, as trust and reliable suppliers, our goal is to maintain and to increase this level of reputation, because we think that reliability is the most important thing in our business!

To make sure of our ability, you need to contact us and to make an inquiry regarding the products, that are interesting to you and we will give you an answer about our possibility to supply and price through 24 hours.

About Us


Wooden pallets


Alternative for Euro pallets. We offer one-way disposable pallets as valuable alternative for Euro pallets. It is much cheaper and friendly for environment solution to take care of your goods. To produce this type of pallets you can save about 50% wood, this allows to make the price lower and to save an environment. For example, from 1 tree can be produced about 25 Euro pallets and from the same amount can be produced 2 times more (about 50 psc.) one-way pallets.

Pallets, named as disposable or one-way pallets, actually also can be used many times until they are not appropriate to be used and even after that they could be used as furniture elements for home or garden furniture design.

Non-standard, special pallets. We can offer one-way pallets, by dimensions of Euro pallets or CP pallets, but with adjusted dimensions for your special needs.

Also we can propose special pallets with innovative construction by your special needs to pack your products better. We can offer all types of non-standard pallets or racks, specially prepared by yours or our drawings.

Pallets by parts. For saving transport costs, we can deliver also not fully assembled pallets, which you can assemble on your site before delivering to your customers. It could save your money and storing place in your site. Usually we deliver assembled decks (lids) and bottom parts (skids), also other additional elements.

Capacity and delivery. Our annual capacity is about 100 thousand different types and dimension wooden pallets. The biggest part our production we deliver to EU countries. Mostly we export to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Austria and other. Usually we deliver by full trucks, but we can offer also different types pallets in one truck or delivery to few places. The delivery usually takes 3- 4 weeks after order confirmation.

Designing. We can design special wooden pallets and prepare drawings by our experienced specialists by your special needs. You need only to contact us and to give information, what you need to be loaded.

Marking. The pallets can be marked, sprayed or treated by your requirements. We can put the logo of your company or other sign for the wooden pallets.

Pallet collars

Pallet collars. Pallet collars are useful and cheaper alternative for typical big sizes wooden boxes. By the help of strong metal hinges they can be transformed to smaller size and it helps to save the place in your storage or transport. It could be transformed to the boxes without special knowledge and training. The customer easily can make the box of the height that he needs.

Standard dimensions. The most popular dimensions of pallet collars are:

1200x 800x 200mm

600x 800x 200mm

If you need the other dimensions or constructions design, please contact us to make your inquiry and we will give you the answer of our possibility to supply.

Marking. We can deliver pallet collars also with special marking, like your company’s logo or other sign. It is a good possibility for additional advertising of your goods or to make your products presentation different from your competitive.

Boxes , crates and racks. We can offer special nonstandard solutions for the special extra packaging of your products by the creation of special boxes, crates or racks. If you need a solution to pack some special products, please contact us and we will find the best way to save your money and time.

Pallets blanks/ pallets elements


Company „Paltimber“ offers to your pallet production or repairing site pallets blanks, beams and other elements. For euro-, CP- and nonstandard pallets elements is used mixed leaf wood (aspen and alder). Wood is cut by quality band saw machines. Annually we can offer about 2000 m3 planks and beams for pallets elements production.

Usually dimensions. The most popular dimensions of elements that we deliver are:

22x 100x 1200mm

17x 78x 1200mm

15x 75x 1200mm

78x 100x 1200mm

78x 78x 1200mm

Nonstandard pallets plank dimensions. For your special needs we could offer nonstandard pallets elements dimensions as well. The thickness could be from 14mm to 100mm, the width- from 70mm to 150mm, the length- from 600mm to 3000mm.

Additional services and treatment. We can supply wooden pallet blocks by different dimensions and we can mark them if you need. Also we can offer beams with grove for your packing options.

Delivery. Fresh cut production is delivered by natural moisture. Usually is loaded 30 m3 wooden products a truck. The delivery usually takes 3- 4 weeks after order confirmation.

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